EWOFS 2010

Optical Fibre Sensor

The design and implementation of complex systems with advanced functionalities, adapted to variable conditions of the surrounding environment, is a major tendency in the current technological development. The feasibility of such systems assumes the existence of sensing structures that are capable of providing information on a wide range of parameters and interactions.

As a consequence, several aspects related to the sensing sciences, such as new measuring concepts, transducer materials, multiplexing schemes, signal processing and integration, are considered fundamental pillars for a sustainable technological progress.

There is a wide variety of physical principles and technologies that have increasingly been used in sensing. Optical sensors, particularly the ones based on fibre optics, are becoming an important reference, when the goal is to achieve high performance, remote operation and large-scale monitoring, not to mention the fact that they are frequently the only measurement technology in situations of great environmental hazard. Therefore, it is natural that R&D activities around this measuring concept are growing at a fast pace, enabling increasing opportunities of dissemination and exploitation.

The main goal is for EWOFS’2010 to provide a forum  for the assessment of the recent progresses in the optical fibre sensing field, as well as for the debate  of future trends in the scientific, technological and entrepreneurship domains. At the same time, we want the meeting to be a rewarding socialising event for the community that is devoted to the development of this area.


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