EWOFS 2010


Following the successful editions in Peebles (1998), Santander (2004) and Napoli (2007), we at Porto have the privilege to organise the fourth edition of the European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors, EWOFS’2010. This initiative  aims at promoting a scientific meeting with a high level of interaction between participants,  enabling an open debate and the assessment of new concepts, technologies and applications in the domain of optical fibre sensors, as well as the establishment of new collaborations and networks. EWOFS’2010 also intends to complement in time and geographical location the international conferences in this area, particularly the International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors.


Addressing scientific achievements, technological applications and commercial exploitation, our goal is to create a programme that will be attractive to both academics and professionals working in this area. We intend to assure a set of high-level invited talks that will consider, not only topics related to optical fibre sensors, but also other scientific domains that may cause an impact on their future development. Also, we will seek to strengthen the Workshops’ unique features, including the discussion of technical contributions between young researchers and experienced scientists, identifying and highlighting the most significant contributions. At the same time, a special session will be organised in order to promote a group reflection on the main developments in this area in the last decade and yield a vision of what may happen in the next 10 years. Because everyone’s active participation is important, we intend to organise a Workshop with an invigorating and appealing Social Programme that will encourage a true scientific socialisation.


Since past and future meet in the present, we intend to make EWOFS’2010 an opportunity to promote the productive interaction between young scientists, engineers and mature practitioners in this scientific and technological adventure around the subject of optical fibre sensors. At the same time, we want to honour the pioneers who have significantly contributed to its development, and encourage young researchers who chose to work in this field.


EWOFS’2010 will take place a decade after the beginning of this new century, of this new millennium. Mankind is currently facing great challenges in the search for a future characterised by global justice, fair and sustainable progress, as well as economic and social wealth. This is a demanding, yet necessary purpose, and Science and Technology create opportunities so that society may evolve in that sense. In its specific domain, EWOFS’2010 should encourage scientific and technological advances, and provide a forum where young and experienced researchers and entrepreneurs may interact in a mutually profitable relationship that is oriented to the development of optical fibre sensors and its impact on society. Pursuing this central objective, we commit ourselves to do our best to create the proper atmosphere. Therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in this meeting that will take place in the metropolitan area of Porto, Portugal, in September 2010.

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