EWOFS 2010

Features of the Workshop

The Workshop programme will include:

  • Invited oral contributions given by recognized authorities in the domain of optical sensing and other related R&D fields.
  • Submitted contributions all undergoing a peer review process on the basis of a full length manuscript, Acceptance criteria  will be based  on quality, relevance and originality. 
  • Contributions from the funding authorities and the research and development planning organizations.
  • Evaluation and prospective assessment of the exploitation and commercialization of optic/fibre optic sensing technology.
  • Technical Exhibition.

Optical fibre sensors will represent the core of the EWOFS’2010 meeting. Contributions would cover new sensing principles, new transducers based on micro and nanotechnologies, new subsystems, signal processing and sensor multiplexing, as well as new applications and the exploitation of this sensing technology.




Accepted contributions will be compiled into Workshop Proceedings edited by SPIE.



In addition to the Workshop Proceedings, the authors are invited to submit an extended version of the accepted papers in a Special Issue of IEEE Sensors Journal.



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