EWOFS 2010

Surface-plasmon-resonance sensor based on H-shaped optical fibre

D. Viegas, University of Porto (Portugal); M. Hautakorpi, Aalto University (Finland); A. Guerreiro, J. L. Santos, University of Porto (Portugal); H. Ludvigsen, Aalto University (Finland)

We propose and theoretically study a novel surface-plasmon-resonance sensor based on an H-shaped, elliptical-core optical fibre. The two grooves of the H-fibre are coated with a thin, uniform metal layer that in turn is covered with a high-index dielectric layer to allow broad spectral tunability. The sensor maintains linear polarization and facilitates effortless splicing. Electromagnetic mode analysis indicates a sensitivity of 1800 nm/RIU (refractive-index unit) for aqueous analytes.

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