EWOFS 2010

A fibre optic multi sensor system for pre-discharges detection on electrical equipment

L. De Maria, L. Fialdini, G. Ogliari, D. Bartalesi, ERSE S.p.A. (Italy)

An innovative detection prototype, developed to improve the reliability of distribution networks is described. It is based on a multi-sensing approach including three different types of fibre optic sensors. These sensors are based on different detection principles to measure respectively light ignition, sound pressure and ozone produced by pre-discharge phenomena in Medium Voltage equipment. A multifunctional software interface was developed to manage simultaneous acquisition and processing of all signal outputs. Preliminary tests were performed inside a Medium Voltage switchboard inducing defects to simulate pre-discharge phenomena. A first analysis of simultaneous responses of the three sensors confirmed the feasibility of this combined approach as a potential diagnostic tool to assess the condition of Medium Voltage electrical components.

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