EWOFS 2010

Plasmonic fibre probes as nanoantennas for local sensing and light control

Niek Van Hulst, ICFO – Institute of Photonic Sciences and ICREA – Catalan Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (Spain)

Optical fibres are historically at the base of near-field optics for nanoscale sensing and microscopy [1]. Fibres with sub-wavelength aperture provide resolution below 100 nm, however are inefficient. Plasmonic nano-antenna probes are a highly promising alternative fibre. We investigate resonant optical nano-antennas both at the end of metal-coated glass fibers [2, 3] and on surfaces. Antenna resonances, excitation conditions, and field localization are directly probed in the near field by single fluorescent molecules, quantum dots or intrinsic luminescence of the metal. In this presentation the optical analogue of monopole [1, 2], dipole, multipole and multi element antennas will be presented, focusing on nanoscale field concentration, directionality, spectral resonances and sensing applications.

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